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Eastern Branch IPS - May 2016 - AGM & Branch Meeting

May 2016 IPS AGM & Eastern Branch Meeting

The AGM will take place promtly at 11.00am. AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. We are encouraging all Eastern Branch IPS members to attend this meeting as it is our annual meeting where official branch business occurs.

The AGM usually consists of an "Agenda"" with some of the following items (for example):  AGM 2015 minutes (will be ready & matters arising); Chair's Report; Treasure's Report; Executive IPS Rep's Report; Voting on any motions (motions guide the committee on how to run the branch meetingspresented) [Deadline for submission of motions is 12th May 2016, please email any member of the committee] and Election of New Committee members. A final agenda will be announced at the start of the AGM.

The AGM will be followed by the normal branch meeting. If you have any items for the agenda or motions or would like to join the committee, please contact/talk to the current chairperson - Celine McDonnell:

Guest Speaker: Cynthia Keegan

Guest Group: Purely Patchwork

Shop: Limerick Quilt Centre & Crafts

Machine Service: John O’Donnell from the Singer Sewing will be at the meeting to service sewing machines.  If you booked your sewing machine in for a service at the April meeting you will receive an email from the Committee with further information. The order machines are serviced in will be based on the sign-up sheet. Please be aware that your machine may not be ready for collection until late in the afternoon and you may need to return to collect it (so it’s a good excuse to stay around for the UFO afternoon).

Scissor sharpening Services: Mick the Knife will be at the meeting so if you have any scissors that need sharpening please bring them along.  Before giving your scissors to Mick on the day can you please put them in a ziplock bag with your name on it and Mick also recommends that you put a label on each pair of scissors. Prices: 1) Small embroider scissors €3.00; 2) Fiskars type quilting scissors €4.00 or 3 for €10.00 3) Heavy duty tailoring scissors €7.00 & 4) Pinking scissors €7.00.

Tea / Coffee: Will be served from 10.00am. (For health and safety reasons we ask that members do not carry hot liquids around the hall.) Please remember to bring your own cup/mug.

Eastern Branch IPS Library: Please return/renew library books. 

Location: St. Anthony's Parish Hall, Clontarf