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Boromono Fabric Sampler - Katie Chaplin

Boromono Fabric Sampler - Full Day Workshop with Katie Chaplin

"Boromono" means 'rag things' in Japanese and was the way that people used to patch up kimono in days gone by, to give them a longer life. But they take on a strange kind of beauty when layer upon layer of fabric is lovingly stitched. Sometimes, decorative stitches

like sashiko were also used to add strength and warmth.

In the workshop, you will make a sample piece of Boromono from a selection of vintage kimono fabrics. I will explain the idea of Boromono, show you pictures and books from Japan and go into some of the history and social context. You will stitch scraps onto indigo cotton, adding decorative stitches (I'll show you how) using sashiko thread. By the end of the day, you will have a unique piece of artwork!

All kimono and backing fabrics, sashiko needles and thread etc will be provided. Each person will receive 1/2 metre of backing fabric, and can use as much of the other fabrics etc as you need.

Cost: €65.00. Kits will be available for the class TBC. Special Offer: €90.00 for both workshop with Katie Chaplin - Saturday 25th June 2016 & Sunday 26th June 2016

Location: St. Anthony's Parish Hall, Clontarf

For more details/to book, please contact:
Eastern Branch IPS Workshop - Mary Hunter and Mary Canning by emailing -

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