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Full Day Workshop - "One Block Wonder" Olena Pugachova

Full Day Workshop - One Block Wonder - Olena Pugachova

Saturday 11th February 2017

Olena is a member of the IPS EB and informed members in October about this workshop. You will need large patterned fabric. More information from Olena:

"Fabric for the One Block Wonder" technique should have a large-scale pattern like those used for bedding or curtains, however fabric quality should be similar to the usual quilting fabric. It's best if the pattern is spread unevenly, so that different areas have different dominant colors and patterns/ absence of patterns. It's this difference that creates visual interest in the finished quilt. It is absolutely necessary that you have six repeats of the pattern in your fabric, so the yardage will depend on the size of the repeat and on how many times the pattern is repeated horizontally. The fabric should not be pre-washed, instead it can be starched additionally (there will be a lot of stitching on the bias).

Here is an example of fabric, suitable for the One Block Wonder technique. The piece shown here is about 150 by 170 cm, one repeat is shown in a frame and is about 86 by 46 cm. You can see that this framed pattern is repeated six times in the piece of fabric shown. You can also see that some bits of the fabric are mostly grey, others more green, or purple, or white. The next photo shows a quilt I made of this same fabric before. It used the same six repeats of fabric plus some framing and resulted about 80 by 160 cm, as far as I remember. Two more photos show close-ups of that quilt to stress the diversity of the blocks that results from uneven spread of color and pattern in the fabric.

A link for inspiration: - an online gallery of quilts by one man who specialises in this technique"

Workshop fee is €55.00

Tea and coffee will be provided.

Location: St. Anthony's Parish Hall, Clontarf

For more details/requirement list/to book, please contact:

IPS Eastern Branch Workshop Committee Member - Marilyn Roantree by email -

Bookings can also be made with a deposit at the January 2017 IPS EB Meeting (28.01.17)