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30th Anniversary of the EQA - "30" Call for entry forms - Deadline 1st August 2017

30th Anniversary of the EQA - Entry Information

The IPS is pleased to announce our participation in a collaboration with all European Guilds to celebrate the EQA 30th Anniversary 2019. Would you like to take part in the celebrations? Create your own quilt according to the theme "30" and win the chance to have it exhibited in October at the MECC in Masastrict. To take part, complete the form on page 35 of the IPS Summer Newsletter - Issue 139. You will receive your package of Timeless Treasures fabrics in November 2017. The fabrics measure 20/30/40cm x 110cm and should be used in the quilt. There is no minimum amount of fabrics that must be used in your quilt. The final size of the quilt must measure 80cm by 120cm (width x height). You can make your quilt alone or in a group. Your quilt must be ready by February 2019. You will ship your quilt to your International Rep - Paula Rafferty. 25 quilts from each country will be travel to Maastrict. Please complete entry forms before 1st August 2017.

For quiries, please contact Paula Rafferty - International Rep (EQA) -