Branch Charity

  • The 2014-2015 branch charity was Peter McVerry Trust ( and The Capuchin Day Centre (Brother Kevin's Day Care Centre) All proceeds raised from raffles, sale of fabrics, collections etc. held at the branch meeting were allocated to these organisations to help tackle homelessness, drug misuse and social disadvantage.
  • During 2013-2014 over €1,781.00 was raised for LauraLynn Children’s hospice

Heart Children Ireland (formerly known to IPS as Henry Bear Blanketeers)
This project that begun in 2002. The idea originated in America and this is a short story of how in started here in Ireland. It all began for Heart Children Ireland when Brenda Mohan (member of the Eastern Branch IPS)  attended one of Heart Children Ireland’s Annual Genreal Meetings. There was a pile of fabric and blankets on a table at the AGMand they were looking for someone to help set the project up here in Ireland. It was called Project Linus in America but they had we had to change the name to "Henry Bear Blanketeers". Brenda had worked as a dress designer and had given up her job to look after her heart baby, she needed something to keep herself busy so, Brenda volunteered. Brenda sought help from people she knew who were sewers and knitters, and turned to "The Irish Patchwork Society".

Over the years the IPS members have been truly amazing to make and donate quilts which are given to children before/after undergoing major heart surgery and each child keeps them. This is a very worthwhile cause and is much appreciated by both the children, parents and staff of the hospital. Please bring completed quilts to the monthly meetings for "Show and Tell" and for transportation to the hospital via Brenda.

Dolls  - Branch members also make dolls for sick children in Crumlin Children's Hospital ( These dolls are used with patients, allowing them to colour in and make unique to themselves, their illness/condition and allowing them to express feelings of being in hospital. The aim to prepare children forinvasive procedures. This procedure can be mirrored on their doll and empowering them to know step by step what will happen, and they can become the nurse/doctor. Again this is much appreciated by both the children, parents and staff of the hospital. Please bring completed dolls(using "calico" or "any white" fabric) to the monthly meetings for "Show and Tel"l and for transportation to the hospital. Here is the link for the pattern.

Fields of Life
It was good to see so many varied and innovative Sewing Kits for the Fields of Life Charity for schools in Uganda. You can read more about there work of this Charity at