AGM-2018 in Limerick


A group of Eastern branch members spend a lovely day yesterday at the IPS AGM in Limerick. In addition to the necessary organisational matters that were discussed at the meeting itself, the day was packed full with quilting inspiration, shopping, talking, prizes, fun and laughter, not to mention a tasty lunch!


Those who availed of the free bus to Limerick could start the talking and laughing part at 7.30 am, or could take a nap to arrive to the venue ready for the day. The Mid Western branch put on a great display of their quilts; the shops were enticing with their displays of fabrics, tools and patterns; friends and acquaintances were waving hello - the usual hustle an bustle of a meeting was in full swing. It was great to see all the “Star” challenge pieces arrive, ranging from traditional patchwork blocks to a celebrity portrait. The different interpretations made for a hard choice.


The meeting went very smoothly, everybody acknowledged the hard work the current Executive Committee put into the administrative matters of the IPS and thanked the outgoing chairperson Ruth Burke for her commitment.

A pleasant part of the meeting was the announcement of the visitor’s choice vote winners at the National Exhibition “Making Waves”. The first prize and a trophy was won by Ethelda Ellis, the second prize by Tomomi McElwee and the third by Olena Pugachova. Congratulations!


The meeting was followed by a very nice lunch, more talking and shopping, and then we came back to enjoy a very interesting talk by the guest speaker Catherine Lawes, who told us about her life journey between England and New Zealand and the artistic journey that was inspired by it. The breathtaking photos of New Zealand landscapes and their interpretations in fabric were very inspiring, and her quilted coats made every woman’s heart skip a beat. You can see her work on her website.


The day finished with more prizes, as Olena Pugachova from the Eastern Branch received the James Lawlor perpetual trophy for her entry to the “Star” challenge, and the raffle took place. There were a lot of great prizes raffled, some members of the Eastern branch were lucky to get lovely additions to their stash or other nice things. Loaded with our purchases, prizes and plenty of emotions, we were ready to set back home.

It was a very enjoyable day and we would recommend everybody to visit next year’s AGM that will take place in Galway on the 15th-16th of July.

You can see more photos from the day on our Gallery page.