March Meeting


We had a very busy and inspirational meeting this month, as always. The lovely miniatures submitted to the Easter challenge helped turn our minds from March snowfalls to April showers — a huge thank you to all the participants and big round of applause to the winner, Sarah Nix.


Stephanie of the Green Acres Quilts shop brought a beautiful selection of fabrics — her yummy fruit prints seemed to be particularly popular. The quilts, bags, cushion and bunting she showcased inspired everyone to make something great.



The show-and-tell was full of surprises. We were privileged to see a hand-sewn EPP quilt made by the 2017 class of the Rathdown School and donated to charity – well done everybody involved in making it. Jen showed us an intricately quilted landscape in rich colours, and Dearbhla followed with a quilt made with charity-shop artificial fur coats – very warm and made in time for the Beast from the East. The weather was evidently perfect for sewing, as some members used it to finish their long-waiting projects, like the exquisite stained-glass wallhanging. Julia Gahagan’s three workshops left a big impression, the evidence of which is sure to stay with us for a long time – several members showed the beautiful miniatures they made during the workshops and after it.


Mary Mc Dermott shared the great work she has done repairing a hand-sewn 1965 quilt from her friend’s family. The state of some pieces proved that the quilt was in dire need of some skillful attention, and Mary managed to restore it to its former glory, while keeping its unique charm.


Kathy Dranse stunned everybody with the wedding-ring quilt for her daughter, which she has just finished after four years of work – the precise piecing, intricate hand applique, gorgeous colours, stunning long-arm quilting – her daughter is about to receive a masterpiece to treasure.


Our new members showed the results of the beginner workshops that definitely filled their teachers’ hearts with pride. As usual, several members made lovely quilts for Henry Bear – Heart Children Ireland charity, a big thank you to them, their creations are sure to be loved and appreciated. Please visit our Gallery page to see all the beautiful creations shown at the meeting.



Our guest speaker Mary McAuliffe told us about the circumstances and the legacy of women in Ireland getting the vote, the centenary of which is commemorated in our Postcard Project. The members present got a historical background and visual inspiration to create their postcards. Miriam Gogarty will be giving a demo on the technical side of making a fabric postcard after the April meeting.


The afternoon session was an opportunity for members to work on their unfinished projects and for the committee to prepare the kits for the Centenary Postcard Project.